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My name is Gigi Stetler. I am the owner and founder of The RV Advisor and the RVACA, (Recreational Vehicle Advisor Consumer Association). Whenever I could, I have used my resources to help the community. Thirty years ago, I was selling RVs from a dealership on State Road 7 in South Florida. I witnessed first-hand, how the dealership and the manufacturer would trample over the consumer. I made up my mind then that I would protect the RV consumer. In retrospect, my ambitions were simple. I just saw people being taken advantage of and I wanted to help them. After all, they have no one else.

After a lot of sweat and effort, I am now the proud owner of the RV Advisor, the only organization designed to help the RV consumer. Our lawyers digest those complex sales agreements before the consumer signs them. Our technicians are available 24/7 to diagnose mechanical problems before the consumer blindly stumbles into a local mechanic shop. Again, I saw people who needed my help, so I established the mechanism to help them.

When natural disasters have occurred, I have always sent as many RVs as I could. What is more relieving to a family whose house was just destroyed, then to have a roof over their heads? These people desperately needed an RV, and I was in the position to provide it.

How we can fight the virus together

Now that the Coronavirus is dramatically altering our way of life, I find myself in a very unique position. According to health officials as well as city ordinances from across the country, RVs are the greatest method of isolation or quarantine.

If only every person in the country isolated themselves in an RV for the 14-day quarantine period health experts recommend, the Coronavirus would be defeated. If we could do that, we could go back to living like we used to. But isolation for you and your family could get very expensive. To adequately provide RVs to everyone and any organization in need, we must raise millions of dollars. We cannot accomplish this without your generosity.

As a result, I have offered to provide temporary housing through an RV, to people at risk and organizations including governments, health officials and public service officials.

Such an endeavor may seem futile. Providing temporary housing to everyone who needs to be protected from the virus is quite a daunting feat. However, as the owner of a national RV company, I have the power and the resources to complete this objective. I just need donations. This is where you come in.

As a leader in the RV community, the RVACA can provide as many RVs that are needed to ensure protection from the virus.

The most effective way to fight the Coronavirus

  • The Coronavirus Assistance Fund has been established to provide temporary housing for isolation/quarantine to people at risk, healthcare providers, hospitals and medical centers, first response systems and other public safety officials and organizations. Anyone can apply.

  • A tax-deductible donation can be made at

  • Donations will immediately deploy resources to individuals and organization fighting the virus at the front lines of the battlefield.

Donor Recognition

Our generous donors will gain recognition on our site as well as on our newsletter. A list of any donor who helped fight the Coronavirus will be listed. Such recognition will undoubtedly be appreciated in the local community.

Your donations will help as many individuals, hospitals, organizations, healthcare providers and first responders by receiving RVs to meet the temporary housing demand, quarantine units, and treatment centers to help isolate and treat those with the Coronavirus. Our primary focus will be the healthcare providers, first responders, and public safety officials — the most important individuals in our fight against the virus. These are the brave men and women that provide necessary medical treatment and rescue operations for those in need. Unfortunately, these individuals are at the greatest risk to themselves, their families, and anyone that may come in contact with them. They must be protected.

With your donations, our phase one fundraising efforts will provide them with the RVs to isolate and quarantine themselves as well as establish Coronavirus quarantine and extended medical treatment units.

Every donation counts no matter how big or small. The time is of the essence, we need to act fast in order to minimize the spread of the virus.

RVACA is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization making your donations tax-deductible. Together, we will defeat the Coronavirus. Donate now.

Donate to Make a Difference


The RVACA is an alliance of RV owners and users, fighting to protect our rights in and out of court. Working with RV dealers and manufacturers to ensure processes are in place to enhance the quality of RVs and to provide legal assistance to those unable to find help with their current RV issues is what you can expect from the RVACA and more. The RVACA is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization.

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